Chronicles of persecution of scientists

Denis Skopin

Denis Skopin
Incident date: 10/26/2022
Type of violation: Dismissal
Institution: Saint Petersburg State University

Summary: On October 26, 2022, Denis Skopin, a professor at St. Petersburg State University (SPbGU), was fired after protesting against the mobilization of men liable for military service in Russia.
Sources: RFERL</ a> Bumaga

Denis Skopin, professor of philosophy at St Petersburg University, was detained at a protest against the mobilization of those liable for military service. Three weeks later, he received a call from the university’s personnel department telling him that the university administration had fired him for an “immoral act” (protest).
This can be seen as a violation of academic freedoms, which include the right to freedom of speech and expression. Academic freedom includes the right of teachers to express their opinions and engage in political activities without fear of reprisal from their place of work. Skopin’s dismissal is the result of his involvement in political activities, so it is considered a violation of his academic freedom and the right to freedom of speech.