Chronicles of persecution of scientists

Mikhail Belousov

Mikhail Belousov
Date of incident: 06/02/2023
Type of violation: dismissal
Institution: St. Petersburg State University

Summary: The management of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) fired Mikhail Belousov, associate professor at the Institute of History, for distributing materials “discrediting the conduct of a special military operation by the armed forces of the Russian Federation and insulting the memory of those killed in the line of military duty.” The decision was justified by the fact that criticism of the war “violates the moral traditions of the university and generally accepted ethical standards.”

More: Seven students of dismissed associate professor Mikhail Belousov from the history department of St. Petersburg State University were expelled from the history department after a meeting of the ethics commission. Orders of expulsion were issued against seven students out of ten who were examined by the commission. They were notified of this by the deputy head of the department for work with youth by email.

Sources: Mediazona, Fontanka