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«Brother» and «Mouse». The founders of the MSU Z-organization turned out to be the children of Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

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At MSU, a student organization of Z-activists is raising money for ammunition and equipment for ultra-nationalists fighting against Ukraine, using the official support of the law faculty of the university. T-invariant found out that the founders of the association are the son and daughter of Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (he is under sanctions from 6 countries). During these summer holidays between undergraduate and graduate studies, Andrey Trutnev (call sign «Brother») personally brought to Donbass «bronebuhanki on which Z-activists welded their own anti-fragmentation protection» and «re-flashed drones». («Bronebuhanki» are armored cars. Literally: «armour loaf»). Maria’s contribution is also significant: it is to the card in Sberbank of Trutnev’s daughter (regularly in the TOP-3 of the wealthiest officials of the Russian Federation) that schoolchildren, students and employees of the university canteen transfer money.

The founders of the Student Patriotic Association (SPO) of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov (unites Z-activists at the university) are Andrey and Maria Trutnev. They are son and daughter Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation – Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District.

As previously T-invariant, MSU SPO activists are officially supported by the Faculty of Law of MSU: on the SPO logo there is a Z symbol and a quadcopter above the spire of the MSU main building. All members of the organization publish their photos on the telegram channel, mostly with their faces covered or smeared, including this is how their photo looks like with the rector of Moscow State University V. A. Sadovnichy. The main public activity of the organization is to raise money for ammunition, equipment, as well as for the so-called «bronebuhanki» for the Russian military, as well as the delivery of purchased items to the front line. The SPO cooperates not with the official structures of the Ministry of Defense, but with a certain grouping of the PTSD Team. We described in the first part of the investigation their type: they pose with weapons and military equipment (including helicopters), position themselves rather as experienced soldiers of fortune and volunteers than as regular military personnel from the official army structures of the Ministry of Defense, intend to figure out at Moscow State University «pig lobby» and in threats to journalists flaunt their «proximity to law enforcement agencies».


We found out that it is Andrey Trutnev who is also the founder of the MSU telegram channel SPO. This can be seen from the meta data of the very first post in their telegram channel (the original post has already been deleted, see the screenshot), as well as from its comment in one first posts: it is listed as the “owner” of the channel.

It should be noted that in their first posts, members of the SPO MGU do not cover their faces. So in this post dated November 1, 2022, in the first photo of Andrey Trutnev, his name is clearly visible on the uniform issued by the military department of Moscow State University. He is also in the photo in this post of November 2. After that, and until today, Andrei Trutnev and other associates and admins of the channel appear only with their faces smeared or covered with balaclavas. The first such post dated November 17, 2022 – Andrey Trutnev (left) gives out a sporty appearance (he is active snowboarder) and, of course, Emporio Armani clothing. In the photo, he and his associates are standing by an SUV with a huge letter Z on the rear window. Further, on dozens of similar photos, a large letter Z as a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine will certainly be present.

In social networks, Andrei Trutnev shares his two essences. On Instagram (2.7k followers) he is a successful snowboarder, winner of various competitions. From numerous photos from the snowy Alps, from Georgia and Rosa Khutor, you can’t say that he is worried about the situation at the front. The situation is similar with his VKontakte profile, where only subscriptions to Z-publics (Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics) hint at the political agenda.

His anonymous Telegram account looks completely different, where the phrase in the bio is: “I love my Motherland, I shoot well …”. Here Trutnev Jr. is the founder of the most prominent university Z-community in Russia, and “Uncle Torvald” and other heavily armed fighters from the PTSD Team praise his actions and call the members of the PDF “our babies“.

During the summer holidays, after graduating from Moscow State University, Andrey Trutnev gave video interview to one of the most important Russian military correspondents – WarGonzo. According to Trutnev himself and his interviewer, the recording takes place in the Donbass, Trutnev’s face is hidden by a balaclava. Trutnev says that he won’t be in the Donbass for long, because he is entering the magistracy of Moscow State University and boasts about how he and his associates “collect and reflash drones” and brought “two bronebuhanki, on which they themselves welded anti-fragmentation protection.” Also from this video it turns out that Trutnev Jr. has the call sign “Brother” (for whom the call signs are “Purchase” and “Guest”, so far it has not been possible to install).


Maria Yuryevna T. is directly responsible for raising money for ammunition, equipment and armored vehicles. All ads and posts contain the details of “Maria Yurievna T.“. In the telegram channel, her photos, unlike the photos of her brother, practically do not appear. In one of the posts on the third photo – in a balaclava (left). Maria Yuryevna T. is also the admin of the telegram channel of the Moscow State University SPO and in her telegram account (in the bio the phrase “Always with love and from the heart only …”) as an avatar here is this photo (SPO patch on the shoulder). Presumably, the call sign of Maria Trutneva is “Mouse”.

It is interesting that even schoolchildren regularly participate in collections for night vision devices, bronebuhanki, quadrocopters and other ammunition for the PTSD Team and other socially understaffed fighters at the front and employees of the university cafeteria. It is unlikely that any of the donors realize that the father of Andrei and Maria regularly falls into the troika of the wealthiest federal officials RF.

The brother and sister Trutnevs have been active athletes since childhood, including practicing wushu in one sports school in Moscow, where they still appear together on site.


Yuri Trutnev actively supports the war, regularly comes to Donbass for propaganda purposes. In the Far East, Trutnev Sr. controls regional governors in matters of mobilization. Here he is in December 2022 inspecting the readiness of those mobilized at the training ground in Uspenovka (Sakhalin Region). As a result, Yuri Trutnev has already been included in the sanctions lists of 6 countries. It is curious that after the first publication of the T-invariant, he made a statement that a “patriotic association” should be created in every university in the Russian Federation. “And if it doesn’t exist and its work is not planned, vice-rectors for educational work will be replaced,” quote Vedomosti official

“Not related to professional activity”

The editors turned to Andrey and Maria Trutnev for comments through those telegram accounts with which they administer the MSU SPO channel. Andrei Trutnev ignored the call, but read the questions. Maria Trutneva answered the call, but declined to comment, then she closed the opportunity to contact her through this account.

Yuri Trutnev did not respond to a message on social networks (message status – read), and his press secretary first stated that the official was on a business trip “without communication”, and a few days later stated that there would be no comments, since the request ” not associated with professional activities “Trutnev Sr.

The Faculty of Law did not respond to the request (more than a week has passed since all requests). However, a short response came from the Faculty of Law to a request for first publication T-invariant. “For questions about the MSU SPO, you can contact the MSU SPO directly,” wrote A.A. Berezhnov.

Rhetorical questions

After the first part of the T-invariant investigation, the editors had two questions. First, why do the young Z-patriots of Moscow State University cover their faces so carefully? And secondly, why does the administration and the press service of Moscow State University not respond in any way to requests from journalists on this topic? Now the answers are obvious. The head of the Trutnev family himself (the official has five children) is under sanctions, and at least two more members of his family are anonymously supplying the participants in the invasion of Ukraine.

Author: Alexander Litoy