Nikita Aronov

The tenth essay in the “Creators” series is dedicated to Vladimir Yurkevich (also spelled as ‘Yourkevitch’), an outstanding shipbuilder who built ships in Russia, France, and America. He improved the ship hull and developed radio-controlled ships without a crew. T-invariant continues the “Creators” project together with RASA (Russian-American Science Association).
The eighth essay in the “Creators” series is dedicated to Stepan Timoshenko, one of the founders of modern applied mechanics. In the “Creators” project T-invariant in collaboration with RASA (Russian-American Science Association) continues to publish a series of biographical essays about people from the Russian Empire who made significant contributions to world science and technology.
Is it possible to say that the USSR annexed Lithuania? Why was the contract with the emigrant professor officially terminated? What do other teachers and students of Vilnius University, as well as Andrey Desnitsky himself, think about this? T-invariant tried to understand how such issues should be resolved from the point of view of the norms of the academic community.