Chronicles of persecution of scientists

Alexey Vorobyov

Alexey Vorobyov
Date of incident: February 15, 2019
Type of violation: arrest, sentence to 20 years in a maximum security prison
Institution: Moscow Aviation Institute

Summary: On February 15, 2019, Alexey Vorobyov was arrested by the Meshchansky Court of Moscow at the request of the FSB.
On April 23, 2021, he was sentenced to 20 years in a maximum security prison for treason.
According to the court decision, Alexey Vorobyov was found guilty of treason (Article 275 of the Criminal Code). He was also found guilty of preparing for the illegal export from Russia of raw materials, supplies, equipment, technologies, scientific and technical information or providing services that could be used in the creation of weapons of mass destruction, armour and military equipment (Part 1 of Article 30 – Part 3, Article 189 of the Criminal Code).

Sources: Novaya Gazeta, Interfax, TASS.