Chronicles of persecution of scientists

Oleg Orlov

Oleg Orlov
Date of incident: March 21, 2023
Type of violation: accusation of repeated discrediting of the Russian Army
Institution: Memorial. Human Rights Center

Summary: As Interfax reported on March 21: “A criminal case has been opened against former board member of the liquidated International Memorial Society (convicted as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) Oleg Orlov for re-discrediting the Russian Armed Forces”. The case was initiated under Article 280.3 Part 1 (on the repeated discrediting). The maximum punishment provided for this crime is imprisonment for a term of up to three years. A prohibition of departure was chosen as a preventive action.

Details: The first hearing in the case took place on June 8. The next hearings took place on July 21 and August 18. The next hearing took place on September 15. The interrogation of defense witnesses took place there. On September 22, Oleg Orlov will be interrogated at the next hearing.
On September 13, “An Open Letter from Historians and Slavists in Defense of Oleg Orlov” was published. As of September 14, the letter had been signed by 161 scientists.

Sources: Interfax, FB Center Memorial.